A March Readalong and #Unreadshelf Challenge Updates

book-2911140_640Yes, you’ve read it correctly: I’m already announcing what I’m reading in March!

And no, don’t run to your calendar, we’re still in February and there’s still 3 more days until the end of the month!

On leap years, people might do something totally exceptional, like doing things ahead of schedule, for example. Or people might suddenly do a read-along (my last buddy read was aeons ago!). Or people might decide to try books that they have put off for years… (I recently fell into a rabbit hole about leap year traditions and I’m fascinated, can you tell?)

Laila from Big Reading Life and I are going to read Wallace Stegner’s Crossing to Safety in March. Do join us if you’re interested! This book was on her Classics Club List, and this one is my #Unreadshelf Challenge selection as one of the books that have been the longest on my TBR. I don’t know why, but I’ve tried this book before and I was too intimidated to go beyond the first chapter.

I’ve also looked through old piles of books on our shelves and it was not a pretty walk down memory lane: far too many books are gathering dust since the best past of last decade, and I will probably “release” more than a few in the coming weeks.

As for my other book choices for March, I’m still weighing on different options, especially considering I already have one chunkster underway (Half of a Yellow Sun has such a small font for its 400+ pages! and it’s a library book). Here are the contenders:

  • A short story collection by Etgar Keret: Suddenly A Knock on the Door that I bought ages ago and added on my TBR in 2015. I was reminded of him by a recent This American Life episode.
  • A non-fiction flash story collection by a Chinese writer: The Corpse Walker, bought in 2014, because of the intriguing title. Plus I want to read Chinese lit regularly, and this one is 6 years late already…
  • How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk, a classics bought at least 5 years ago: I wonder if I’ll change my ways now that one of my kids is turning into a teenager, or perhaps I’ll buy another book and let it gather dust until the teen will turn into a YA?
  • Annie Dillard’s Writing Life, bought in 2011 (because, honestly, it’s short, and Pilgrim at Tinker’s Creek is too overwhelming)

Which 2 should I try first ?



6 thoughts on “A March Readalong and #Unreadshelf Challenge Updates

  1. I know this is very late (I haven’t been on WordPress in a while!) but I think you should try the Annie Dillard. I read her memoir An American Childhood and it was really good.

    I’m on chapter 7, I think, of Crossing to Safety. It’s so good! Are you enjoying it so far? Any favorite scenes or characters?

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