Pod Review March 28 – April 3

CaptureI’m sooo glad that this awful, terrible, no-good month of March is over… Now that April is on, I’ve started to find a better routine that allows some podcast time too. I’ve tried something new and fun recommended by Annie from a Bookish Type, I’ve binged on shorter formats, and on topics related to movies I’ve enjoyed. That’s self-care, and I firmly intend to continue in that direction!

  • Happier wit Gretchen Rubin Bonus Episode (03/14) Coping During COVID-19—How to Stay Happier and Calmer in Difficult Times
  • NPR Throughline : 01/16, 2020 Everybody Knows Somebody: on violence against women.
  • NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour : 02/26, 2020 : The Fine Brushstrokes Of ‘Portrait Of A Lady On Fire’ (a French movie I’ve watched and loved last year)
  • Sinica podcast Chinese industrial espionage and FBI profiling and overreach, with Mara Hvistendahl (Feb. 20)
  • Reply All #158 The case of the missing hit – such a comfort episode!
  • Clotilde Dusoulier Change ma vie #140 J’adore ma vie, about appreciation, very timely
  • ♥ The Fuckbois of Literature #39 Little Women, a podcast recommended by Annie – it was fun! You need good knowledge of the book beforehand though.
  • NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour : 12/27, 2019 : ‘Little Women’ Is A Dynamic Sister Act, I wish I could watch it again!
  • Before Breakfast by Laura Vanderkam: Build in reflective time… mmh, perhaps I need more of this.

5 thoughts on “Pod Review March 28 – April 3

  1. “The Fuckbois of Literature” is a very VERY good title for a podcast, so I will have to check that out. I just listened to that PCHH show about Portrait of a Lady on Fire too, because I just watched Portrait of a Lady on Fire (which was great).

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