Pod Review February 13 – 19

My list this week is extra long because I have had a few days off, and I did some serious catch up on my podcasts! What better way to unwind than listening to something fun or engrossing while looking at magazines or doing some easy cross stitch project, with a hot beverage on the side?

  • Asian Glow up #15 Lunar New Year traditions, probably recommended by the Daily Good newsletter. Because, duh, CNY and 恭喜发财! I enjoyed that this podcast presented diverse Asian cultures (Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese) but boy did that podcast made me feel old!
  • Where is George Gibney? (BBC) 1. It happened in the summer, as recommended by a fellow true crime podcast enthusiast 746 books.
  • Where is George Gibney? 2. We’ve been expecting you. There was nothing wrong with the series, but I felt it was too similar to Believed, on Larry Nassar and his victims in the youth sports circuit. But at the end of the episode they advertised Hometown, another BBC true crime podcast…
  • Sludge, an American healthcare story: Uterine fibroids with Kenice Mobley; I was deeply uncomfortable with this episode, angered by all the perversions caused by the private healthcare in America, and the unfair, dismissive treatment of women, especially Black women by (male) doctors. At the same time, I felt that the interviewed woman expected an instant cure for all the money she’d spent on her issue, and I understand that fibroids are a long term issue with no easy fix for all…
  • Edit your life podcast #223 Elevating small comforts
  • Sorta Awesome #278 Ladies celebrating ladies for Galentine’s day!
  • Hometown (BBC) 1. The shooting. A Pakistani British young journalist comes back to his hometown, only to discover that the small peaceful town of his childhood has turned very dark indeed…
  • Sinica: Rana Mitter on the reshaping of China’s World War II legacy. Very interesting
  • Sorta Awesome #279 The Enneagram explains your reading life. Still unsure which number I am, so it didn’t quite work for me…
  • Madness Madness Ep. 1 Krishna consciousness vs. the FLDS. As recommended by Sorta Awesome, I wouldn’t normally choose a 1,5 hour long podcast, but this one was hilarious.
  • Science Vs. Orgasms, come for the science. A lot of scientific facts I had never heard of, but certainly a subject to listen to with headphones…
  • Hometown 2. The father / 3. The grass / 4. The verdict. You can tell it’s quite addictive, can’t you?

If you want to listen to something fun, I would recommend Madness Madness, where the two hosts compare notes on two different cults, in order to pick one in a pseudo scientific way. It’s a bit long to my taste but I found myself giggling all by myself. Don’t worry I have no intention to join a cult anytime soon!

If you’re in the mood for true crime, I strongly recommend Hometown. I’m more than halfway through the 6 episodes mini series. The influence of Serial season 1 is strong, which is for me the gold standard of this genre. Before podcasts were a thing, I listened to the BBC a lot, and I’m glad that they are coming now strong on the podcasts too!

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