Pod Review March 13-19

This week was very work-intensive, until yesterday night the government announced new measures against Covid and a third lock-down period for our region. I can’t say I hadn’t seen it coming but I had managed to convince myself that it wouldn’t be true. We are supposed to stay within 10km of home at all times for a month (at least) and be home from 7pm.

Now, schools will stay open and many detailed rules still need to be defined, but just in case, I went on my lunch break to the library to fill our cards with loads of new books. (Libraries were all closed in the previous lockdowns, as were bookshops). Non-essential shops will close down, but bookshops are now considered essential (and you can’t find anywhere to sit and stay in French bookshops anyway). You might think I’m jaded by now, but it’s really pandemic fatigue. I tried to find the silver lining, and finally I could find one: I still have the third tome of Deborah Harkness’ trilogy started with A Discovery of Witches. It’s 100% comfort read, a bit of a guilty please that I’d said I would keep for a third lock-down and sure enough I will!

  • Sorta Awesome #282 Thank you, past me!
  • 💙 Criminal #158 “If it ever happens, run”. About a white-supremacist coup that happened in a racially-integrated town in North Carolina in 1898 and was covered by decades of lies and fake news.
  • Throughline The anatomy of autocracy, Timothy Snyder
  • Lazy Genius #196 How to Lazy Genius adult screen time
  • 10 Things to tell you by Laura Tremaine #106 10 Questions to mark one year of the pandemic
  • Edit Your Life #226 Time Management and Productivity with Laura Vanderkam
  • Longform Podcast #378 Ashley C. Ford, author and podcast host
  • Radiolab Dispatch 14: Covid Crystall Ball: how scientists can see many variants of the virus inside the body of immuno-depressed patients, even before they can be found out there in the world! (not sure if the episode is good or bad news really)
  • NPR Rough Translation: Rewriting the Travel Guidebook by Nanjala Nyabola; made me think about travel guidebooks, and who wrote them… mainly white male actually, which may explain some bias in the travel experience itself.
  • Hello Relationships S1E8 How to handle changing relationships

I might have listened to Criminal podcast before, but I don’t remember it and I will count it as my fascinating discovery of the week, especially this episode that is infuriating for so many reasons. A second discovery this week was the Longform podcast interview of Ashley C. Ford. Now, I was a bit wary because I really can’t deal with long podcasts (this one was just 1 hour and not more), and I had no clue who Ashley Ford was before starting the podcast. Her voice won me over in just a few minutes, she is positively glowing! I want to hear her more, as I understand she hosts podcasts.

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