The One with the Lincoln Lawyer Hoarding TP

Michael Connelly, The Law of Innocence (2020)

I’m not going to pretend that I can do any kind of objective reviews for Michael Connelly’s books. They are my special treat, and this one was as satisfying and comforting as I expected.

I think it was Laila who first alerted me that there was a new Mickey Haller book. It was last year, deep into the pandemic dreariness, and from that moment on I started to look forward to reading it. [Spoiler ahead, I won’t say anything much about the plot, but still] I expected 100% escapism, and I was so surprised that the book addressed current events! I had never read a Connelly book so recently after publication and so I had never paid attention to the time setting. (The sense of location is, on the other hand, so completely obvious).

Connelly drops hints about the pandemic throughout his book, and it of course goes crescendo. First a mere mention in the news of some faraway Chinese town of Wuhan, then people hearing about some weird new disease, then older family members being sick, then face masks and social distancing. Mickey Haller is arrested on suspicion of murder: his stay in prison puts him at higher risk of catching the virus in close, unventilated quarters. But there are other dangers waiting for him. His career and his life are at risk!

It made me realize that I had never thought those fictional characters had any common experience with mine. I’ve never been in L.A., I’ve never seen an American police station or tribunal. To me they all could have been on another planet altogether! Now, imagining them worried about facemasks and hoarding toilet paper and going through empty supermarket aisles is something of a stretch for me. It added a new dimension to the (usual) courtroom drama and thriller full of twists and turns. I really couldn’t put it down!

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