Pod Review April 3 – 9

This week went so fast that I didn’t have much time to explore new podcasts. Instead, because I miss traveling so much, I returned to Rough Translation for a shot of cross-cultures analysis. I love this show, and I also love that they keep their episodes at the half hour mark! I even listened again to an old episode about Black people in France, because I’d thought about it recently when the movie “Tout simplement noir” (“Simply Black”) was a huge success and asked impolite questions about racism in France (I didn’t list it here because re-listen doesn’t count in my book)

  • Sorta Awesome #283 Awesome list of Spring 2021
  • Sinica Podcast The parallel world of Chinese tech, with Lillian Li; a very interesting discussion about Chinese tech and the opposite view that China and the West have on tech.
  • NPR Rough Translation Dream Boy and the poison fans
  • NPR Rough Translation So Long, Black Pete, about the long tradition of black-face in Holland at Christmas time, and a long fight to recognize racism and find a solution accepted by all Dutch.
  • The Lazy Genius podcast #204 How to rally on a bad day
  • The Lazy Genius podcast #203 10 things saving my life right now
  • Radiolab What Up Holmes? A fascinating episode about free speech.
  • NPR Rough Translation Hello Neighbor: how Ireland responded to Covid threat with a “cocooning” policy for people over 70, and how the local community took it to heart, above and beyond what was expected.

Two shows this week made me pause and wonder. The first was Radiolab’s, with a recent episode about a certain Supreme court justice named Holmes, who changed the way the U.S. thought about free speech. Before 1919, the First amendment of the U.S. constitution held a totally different view. This is informative and far-reaching.

The second one is Rough Translation’s episode Dream Boy and the poison fans, about a certain idol in China who ended up being a collateral damage of a huge fight on Chinese social media between people who enjoy fanfiction as a (last?) space of creative freedom and people who are ready to denounce to the internet police those who don’t think like them, and how the Chinese government stroke back for fear that they would not control those types of powerful dissent (even if it was “only” about a TV idol). This episode took an unexpected turn when addressing issues around free speech too.

I have downloaded more episodes from Rough Translation’s back catalogue and I look forward to listening next week. What have you discovered this week?

2 thoughts on “Pod Review April 3 – 9

  1. I have downloaded some Rough Translation episodes but haven’t yet listened to them. I did listen to Lazy Genius and I really like it! But lately I’ve been listening to the same old podcasts. Although i did give up Pop Culture Happy Hour because I just don’t have the brain space to watch anything new these days.

    • I know what you mean to lack brain space. I have little patience for PCHH because much of the content is not available to me. But I long for some new engrossing mystery / investigative journalism / true crime podcast.

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