Pod Review April 10 – 16

The kids are in spring break, but we parents are working remotely and the lock-down is still on, so we are still all cooped-up at home. A bit of cabin fever is noticeable, to be honest, all the more as the temperatures have dropped. In that case, I’m all about baking some comfort food, and presently vanilla rice pudding with real vanilla pods I’d been saving for… for a pandemic, I guess? Baking and cooking in my book go hand in hand with podcasts.

Last week I was hitting a podcast slump, but this week, I received an email from Serial productions, and they’re releasing a new season, centered on election fraud! It’s called The Improvement Association, and of course I had to download the first episode right away. Good news! I’m forever a fan of Serial season 1, and I know that whatever they come up with is always impeccably produced. I am not unbiased reviewer as I feel that I could listen to Sarah Koenig and her friends recite the telephone book (which is the type of joke that gives away my age, I’m well aware).

  • Sorta Awesome #287 Revealing readerly confessions
  • Rough Translation presenting “It’s been a minute”: White supremacy and its online reach
  • Edit your life #228 How to be an adult
  • BBC World Service: Death in Ice Valley. Ep. 1: The Isdal Woman. I don’t quite know how I heard of this true crime podcast from 2018, but it’s too slow for my taste [new to me]
  • Science Vs. How Science created morons
  • The Opportunist: Sherry Shriner Ep.1 Internet Prophet. About a weird woman who created an online cult… The verdict is still out there, I will listen to the next episode to have a better opinion about this story. [new to me]
  • This American Life #734 The campus tour has been cancelled. Which is not about campus tour, but about the impact of the pandemic-related decision to cancel the SAT to enter college. Surprisingly interesting
  • The Improvement Association Chapter 1: The big shadoo; all you need to know about the series is here. As always, it’s a multi-layered investigation with memorable characters. [new to me… and to everybody else]
  • 💙 Gimlet Crime Show: Scums.xls on debt scammers and a guy who is obsessed about uncovering who is actually running the scams [new to me]
  • BBC: The Ratline: I heard about this podcast from a book that’s on offer on Amazon kindle, and yes I bought the book. It’s the story of a Nazi war criminal who escaped justice and found all kind of support to stay under the radar for years, until he met an untimely death in Italy. [new to me]

The last two podcasts of the list are a few which are not available everywhere. Gimlet’s Crime show is on Spotify only, and The Ratline is on BBC Sounds app. They are both very good, and I will even give the Gimlet’s my favorite of the week star, as I’m not far enough into the new Serial season to review it properly. I don’t really like when contents are not available across platforms, as this limit where and when I can listen to it. With 4 new shows this week, I have the feeling that I’ve beaten my podcast slump for now!

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