Pod Review April 17-23

I may have some other shows in my list but the truth is that this week I went on a West Cork binge, especially as I had some time off work and the weather was good. I had heard about this true-crime podcast a few years back when it was only accessible through Audible, but now you can get it from anywhere. I let the kids loose in the woods or on their scooter and I followed with my earbuds in. West Cork proved to be different from what I expected. It’s less about the crime itself and the victim and more about an investigation that got incredibly bungled from the start and that only went from bad to worse. I can’t make my mind about the one suspect that the small Irish village believes guilty, but whose case the police can’t seem to close for good. I’m nearing the end of the series, so I’ll be able to tell you next week if the series delivers all its promises.

  • Change ma vie by Clotilde Dusoulier #178 The Skills to change
  • West Cork Episodes 1 to 11 [new to me]
  • Articles of Interest by 99% Invisible #1 Kids’ Clothes [new to me]
  • Rough Translation “We already belong”: A conversation with R.O. Kwon
  • Sorta Awesome #286 Three-steps Awesome Skincare
  • Radiolab Facebook’s Supreme Court
  • The Improvement Association #2 “Where is your choice?”
  • The Lazy Genius #202 Revisiting your morning routine
  • Edit Your Life #229 Reviving & rethinking friendships, gave me lots to think about for after lockdown
  • Floodlines #1 Antediluvian; about hurricane Katrina [new to me]
  • A drink with a friend: Morning routine: way too religious to my taste, I don’t think this podcast is for me anymore.

If you’re not into true crime, Radiolab’s episode on Facebook was really fascinating and full of nuances. How to regulate what can or can’t be shown on social media is no easy task, and apparently even a bevy of international experts could not speak with one voice.

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