Pod Review May 1-7

My impression of last week is rather blurry, but I’d say I didn’t spend a lot of time on podcasts. I was so busy with work and bad weather curtailed any time outside. Still, I tried two new-to-me shows and I was boosted by good news: one of my favorite show, Invisibilia, returned for a new season! Of course I had to download the first episode right away. Sadly, it was a bit disappointing, especially as they started by saying that the episode would feel uncomfortable to some. Basically, it was about racism causing wealth inequalities, and the idea of redistribution and reparations. Sorry, but as a European this caused me a massive eye-roll. So some folks in Vermont re-invented wealth tax, and also discovered that building it from scratch on a voluntary basis isn’t a miracle cure for poverty among black people? Mmh, I’m not shocked. But I remain a faithful fan of Invisibilia and will report soon about the next episode of the new season.

  • Counterjam by Food52: Breaking the Bento Box with Yumi Nagashima, G Yamazawa and Dan the Automator [new to me] I enjoy being thrown into a totally fresh area of interest. I’d never heard of those artists, and I enjoyed hearing about their Asian-American experience, especially in the context of recent racist events. (but that’s not the point of this episode at all)
  • 10 Things to tell you by Laura Tremaine: #114 How to feel like You (when you don’t) – a great encouraging episode if you feel discombobulated (don’t we all? At least, I do)
  • Science Vs. by Gimlet: Screens are they ruining our brains and mental health and eyes? I loved that episode as it debunked so many guilt-inducing myths! Strong recommend for parents.
  • Invisibilia S7E1 Eat the Rich – i’m so sorry Invisibilia
  • Radiolab The Septendecennial Sing-Along; a fascinating first sequence where a musician and a bird play music together.
  • 💙 Sorta Awesome #288 You need personal policies (here’s why). I have them, I need them, I love them.
  • Be there in Five by Kate Kennedy: Rachel Hollis and the Rose-colored Glass ceiling [new to me]
  • Science Vs. by Gimlet: Coronavirus, how scary are the variants? Lots of reassuring facts, but my fears aren’t yet fully assuaged by this show (I should get a second scoop of science… while impatiently waiting for my first shot of vaccine)
  • Best of Both Worlds by Laura Vanderkam and Sarah Hart-Unger: Email Extravaganza. Really, I didn’t learn much in the episode, I was curious to see how other professional women dealt with the massive influx of daily emails, but… hey, I guess I’m just normal and I deal relatively well, considering.

My favorite show this week is Sorta Awesome, where Meg Tietz and Rebekah Hoffer explain why personal policies are saving their sanity in many circumstances. I have started to use this concept last year or even 2 years ago, when I started to say “in our family, we…” (insert anything, from the lowly details of how to choose TP to sacro-saint screen-less dinners principles). At the onset of the pandemic, I used it to justify to my colleagues that I would no longer eat with them at the crowded canteen (that was in February 2020, a lifetime ago, back when I went somewhere to work 😉). The show gave me new ideas and I really want to implement them!

New-to-me shows: I heard of Counterjam through the Good Trade newsletter. It’s a show about food and music, and I never really thought about those two topics together! I’ll get back for more.

As for Be there in five, it’s quite another story. The show was recommended by Laura Tremaine on IG (they’d do a show swap) and at first I was willing to try, as I was curious about the Rachel Hollis debacle. Let’s just say I’d never been a Rachel Hollis fan from the start. But then, after starting the episode, I noticed that the show ran over 2 hours, and that there were 3 episodes of them! It goes against my personal policies to dedicate so much of my limited free time to long shows. For me, an ideal show runs about 45 minutes. And I don’t believe that Rachel Hollis deserves 6 hours of my time, sorry. Going through the backlist, I can’t see many topics by Kate Kennedy that interest me. I don’t think I’m in her target audience at all, so I’m going to pass.

2 thoughts on “Pod Review May 1-7

  1. I saw the Rachel Hollis debacle on Instagram and recently read an article about it all on the New York Times, and I think I’m good on all that! I wasn’t a fan of hers either. She didn’t seem like someone who was humble or relatable at all. I am way behind on podcasts because I was listening to an Ian Rankin John Rebus crime novel on audiobook until recently. Catching up and deleting episodes of everything!

    • Just like you whenever I choose an audiobook I stop listening to podcasts altogether. But since Covid I’ve not chosen audiobooks at all because it’s not practical. I hope the Rebus novel is fun!

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