Pod Review May 8-14

A lot about disinformation, fake news and lies in my podcast feed this week. Once I started to see this theme I saw it everywhere! In Invisibilia, in Your undivided attention, in Floodlines, in Hidden Brain etc. It’s a bit of a coincidence really, but I guess it’s revelatory of the current obsession.

  • Best of both worlds #196 Q&A episode
  • Invisibilia: The Chaos machine, an endless hole (part 1)
  • Best of both worlds: Teens & tweens, exploring a new frontier, a bit misleading as the hosts don’t have real teenagers just yet.
  • Your undivided attention: Disinformation then and now
  • Throughline: Chaos. The section on the real Lord of the flies is well worth a listen. Contrary to popular belief, moments of hardship don’t tend to bring out the worst in people. The kids stranded on a desert island didn’t kill each other but cooperated to survive.
  • The Lazy Genius: A new way to think about money with Rachel Rodgers. The episode highlighted the gender prejudices around money, which I’m already convinced of. It made me want to listen to some other money podcasts.
  • Floodlines episode 3: Through the looking glass
  • Floodlines episode 4: The bridge
  • Hidden Brain: The fake bride [new to me] I heard about this show through Gretchen Rubin, and I enjoyed this episode. A weird case of manipulation to oblige someone to lie.
  • Crime Show (Gimlet on Spotify) better take some shovels part. 1 True crime with a huge cliffhanger, I’m eagerly waiting the second part but I resent having to listen to it on Spotify only.
  • This American life #735 Bloody feelings; I enjoyed the part with the physical therapist sent to Covid wards to draw blood, and the theatrical part where a woman talks with her fibroids. The open heart surgery was a bit too much for my overly imaginative ears.

Floodlines is such an impressive podcast. It’s heartbreaking because of the lasting impact of such a violent natural disaster, but the series show how the biggest damages were caused by human actions or inactions, and by the racial prejudices. I remember the events, or at least the version of the events I had been fed, and this series show how many lies the media spread out. So many years afterwards I had kept the impression that there were armed looters in New Orleans attacking cops. I was floored to learn that not only was it untrue, but that policemen shot people and covered it up, and that the rumors actually stopped the relief operations. It is really eye-opening.

One thought on “Pod Review May 8-14

  1. Floodlines does sound good but I know I couldn’t listen to it. The Katrina tragedy was so heartbreaking to watch unfold and I cried a lot over it back then. So many mistakes were made that led to loss of life.

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