Pod Review May 29 – June 4

Now that most people in my immediate circle are having their first Covid vaccine shot, I’m more willing to listen to all these podcasts about transitioning back to “normal life”, which were out in the US one or two months ago. I found some comfort in the realization that probably everyone, on both sides of the Atlantic, has mixed feelings and some trepidation. I am not one to always go for silver linings, but it’s true that I enjoy some parts of lock-down life. I am in no hurry to being back in the office more than 1 day a week (2 maybe? but the HR department doesn’t seem to be aligned with my wishes…). But I look forward to a more normal summer and I’ve been busy making plans to travel to neighboring countries in August. I keep fingers crossed that crossing borders will go smoothly!

  • Floodlines by The Atlantic, episode 8: The Wake: the final episode of this series was heart-breaking and just as great as the rest of the series. It’s not really optimistic, but I really enjoyed it
  • Radiolab Brown Box: this is a rerun on an episode about Amazon warehouses and it was really eye-opening
  • Best of Both Worlds: #198 Pet Peeves; mmh, let’s say that I don’t share these women’s pet peeves
  • Best of Both Worlds: #199 All Things Summer; I needed to hear the two hosts talk about their plans to kick me into gear to plan our own summer.
  • Sorta Awesome #291 Back to… normal?
  • Edit Your Life #231 Preserving Slow Living Post-Pandemic
  • Throughline Five fingers crush the land; about Chinese government’s systematic policy against the Uighur community. Even though I am familiar with many things about China, this episode was very good and informative and necessary.
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin #327 Something to remember: Gretchen passed out on live TV
  • 💙 Radiolab The Rhino Hunter; this is a rerun of a favorite episode. It’s well… complicated… and I love how this show is never shy about nuances and never gives a black-and-white answer to a question that so many people answer way too fast: is it ok to kill endangered wild animals? The episode is full of twists and I challenge you to finish it with the same opinion that you started it with.
  • Retire Sooner with Wes Moss: Clark Howard on Saving More and Retiring early. I’d enjoyed the first episode I’d tried from this show last week, but that second helping was disappointing. I didn’t care at all about the guest, and I’m guessing that podcasts that interview people about their lives’ journey is just not for me.
  • How to Save a Planet: Recycling, is it BS? I learnt quite a lot about this episode.
  • We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle: [new to me] Anxiety, is it just love holding its breath? This show is a bit on the long side for me (1 hour), but I really enjoyed what she says. I’m not a die-hard fan of Glennon Doyle but I think she’s basically a good person. I was afraid that the show would be too preachy or intense, but it is nothing like that.

I only tried one new show this week but it was a good experience (to be confirmed with other episodes). I learnt so much through podcasts this week, in topics as varied as plastics down-cycling, about panic attacks and racial discrimination against Uighurs in China. What have you learnt through podcasts?

One thought on “Pod Review May 29 – June 4

  1. Mixed feelings and trepidation – yep!

    I had taken a break from Happier with Gretchen Rubin so now I’m catching up. I have been listening to music more on my commute lately so I haven’t been devouring as many podcasts recently. I find I don’t have the stamina to listen to anything too serious. Code Switch is about as serious as I get nowadays.

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