Summer Challenge Update: the Trepidation

Will I read 20 books over summer? Really what was I thinking? I set as a rule that I wouldn’t count books that I had started before June 1st, but to preserve my (fragile) ego, will I need to bend my own rule? Well, we’ll see… Twenty books seem both a lot (when I take big ones or find myself in a slow-moving story) and not much (compared to my usual pace). Let’s see what I’ve done so far and if I need to review my list. By the way, I have created a dedicated tab, which will record my progress in the challenge and the various swaps and all.

I have started with 10 titles defined from our shelves (in paper format), plus an undefined mix of books from my Kindle and/or the library. From the physical books category, I have started with the shortest one: The Vegetarian by Han Kang. It was actually a more challenging read than I’d expected! (So much so that I haven’t really come round to write a post about it, but I will, I promise!). In parallel, I started The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp, which is a slow read for me, as all non-fictions are for me. I don’t expect to finish before mid- or end July.

Then I started a chunkster: The Company of Liars by Karen Maitland, but it starts very slowly, and I’m not quite hooked yet… Shall I let it go and switch? I’m giving it until page 100.

After The Vegetarian shock treatment, I needed some comfort and familiarity, so why not Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? It was indeed a very quick read and one I was very familiar with… but the least I can say is that I didn’t fall in love with it. And in parallel, because it got me talking with my teenage son about books he’d enjoyed, I read another book recommended by him: a graphic novel called This Was Our Pact by Ryan Andrews, which I borrowed from the library… and I don’t see why I wouldn’t add it into my summer tally, even if it was an impromptu choice.

And lastly, I picked up the ultimate comfort read: a Vera Stanhope investigation by Ann Cleeves: The Darkest Evening. It’s set in Northumberland in December, and as the temperatures in France are rather hot for the season, I enjoy reading about open fires and snow covering dead bodies… brrr…

So 3 finished, 3 in progress… What about the narrowing-down of options? I have my summer e-books almost lined up (I want to read another Ann Cleeves, but which one?), and 1 library book which I already borrowed (but not started). It leaves me with (only) 3 wild cards to choose at the library.

One thought on “Summer Challenge Update: the Trepidation

  1. It’s funny how as soon as I make a list of books to read all the other books out there start calling my name… ha ha. I say definitely count books you started before June 1 if it was a day or two before. Close enough! I have one of those on my list myself. The Vegetarian was so weird! I found it hard to write about too back when I read it.

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