Pod Review July 17-23

It’s really starting to feel like true summer! For one, we had the Tour de France next door last Sunday, and it was a minute of great fun. I don’t think people realize that for neighboring people, it means 2 days of intense police regulation (towing cars out of the way in the whole town) and the champions are literally all gone after 90 seconds. Secondly, both my kids left for sleep-away camps last Monday, which allows their parents to enjoy quite a bit of quiet and freedom. There’s still work, of course, but it’s definitely not the same. As I had to run last-minute errands and take the kids to the train station with a lot of waiting time, I could put in lots of podcasts!

  • Radiolab: Kleptotherms: fascinating science about our body temperature(s), which very much varies depending on so many factors that it’s a wonder why we screen people based on a single figure.
  • 💙 The Mom Hour: #319 House Rules for travel and vacation. It has been literally years since I listened to the Mom Hour and I’d forgotten how good it is. This episode gave me so, so many brilliant ideas, I almost can’t wait till my kids are back to apply them… well, almost… 🙄
  • The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill: Ep. 1 Who killed Mars Hill? [new-to-me] As recommended by Susan Wise Bauer. It’s not my usual jam, but I was curious to learn what went wrong in this mega church organization
  • Sorta Awesome #316 Summer Meals Extravaganza
  • NPR On Our Watch Episode 5 Neglect of Duty. I am always outraged after I finished listening to this podcast. Perhaps I should not continue, for my blood pressure’s sake.
  • Gimlet How to save a planet: The Beef with Beef: how important is it to change one’s diet? Interesting answers… It’s better to reduce a bit the consumption of this particular meat rather than becoming vegetarian. Who would have thought?
  • Part-Time Genius: 9 absurd inventions you (probably) won’t see on Shark Tank: this one really made me laugh!
  • This American Life #741 The Weight of Words – a rerun
  • Lazy Genius Podcast #219 A Midsummer Pep Talk: I don’t feel I’m struggling this week in particular, but always good to hear
  • Decoder Ring: Murphy’s Law. Who was this Murphy and what did he really mean? An intriguing mystery
  • Radiolab: The Vanishing of Harry Pace Ep. 5: about a Black singer who first sang operas to white audience

I tried only one new podcast this week, but I re-discovered The Mom Hour. I had the wrong idea that the show was mostly about babies and toddlers but their back catalogue is actually on a lot of topics! I intend to check it out on a more regular basis.

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