Pod Review August 14-20

We’re back on French territory and slowly making our way back home as we are working again next Monday (big sigh). These weeks really flew by! Our time on Germany was full of discoveries (and ice cream). We are definitely traveling slow and it gives everyone plenty of downtime, which some decide to use for video games and other to listen to podcasts…

  • BBC/PBS “I’m not a monster”. Episodes 3 to 10 – yep, I binged through the whole series
  • This American Life #742 The thing I’m getting over
  • Edit Your Life: #241 Summer Food Inspiration
  • The Science of Happiness: How to craft your life; a second try at this podcast convinced me that it’s definitely not for me.
  • Change ma vie by Clotilde Dusoulier: #196 Time management Q&A
  • The Mom Hour: #314 House Rules for Sibling Harmony
  • Sorta Awesome #328 the photography advice you’re going to love
  • 💙 Reply All #177 Gleeks and Gurgles

“I’m not a monster” is a bit of a “did she? did she not?” investigation into an American woman whose husband ended up at a high rank in ISIS. She pretends to have been tricked and she presents herself as a victim, but it doesn’t look as straightforward. I ended the series feeling so sorry for her kids whom she put through mortal danger and so much misery. Sorry for her? Not so much.

But the best show I listened to this week is Reply All. I am aware that Gimlet, and Reply All in particular, have been at the heart of a controversy this spring (following the Test Kitchen debacle), but I’m still fond of the show, as I haven’t another one on tech, as informative and fun at the same time. This particular episode centers on the Tiktok algorithm and what makes it way more efficient than other social media’s. If you want to learn something and have a laugh, this is the episode for you. I’m eager to follow what they want to do next with this show.

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