Pod Review August 21-27

There’s a French expression for this time of year, that says that when you have difficulty to remember your pre-vacation work details and your passwords, it’s proof that summer holidays were very good. Now is it universal? It’s for you to tell me. At any case, I’ve returned to work (very partially on-site, with mask, but the rest of the week in my living room) and I can hardly believe that French school will start next week! (on-site, with masks). But still, back-to-school podcasts episodes about new plans, fresh starts, fall and productivity are showing up like mushrooms.

  • NPR Life Kit: 4 Tips for cleaning up your social media diet
  • Founder’s Journal: How to build meaningful relationships [new-to-me]; inspired by Morning Brew newsletter (I understand that the host is the boss)
  • Sorta Awesome #325 Ideal Me vs. Reality Me – exactly the right topic for this period of year, as I’ll probably make up tons of new resolutions and plans for Ideal Me…
  • 💙 This American Life #744: Essential; a deep dive into what it meant to be an essential worker in the US during the first pandemic lockdown, and the long-term consequences (people reevaluating their self-worth, people quitting, or being angry…). I didn’t know that in the US every State defined essential workers as they wanted.
  • Founder’s Journal: How to get your shit together: about life goals and breaking it down to 90 days action plans.
  • Sharon Says So with Sharon McMahon: 14. How setting boundaries can create peace with Nedra Tawwab [new-to-me]

I tried 2 new podcasts this week. The podcast world right now is really an embarrassment of riches. So I gave myself some rules to continue my exploration without losing myself down the rabbit hole. It’s arbitrary, but I rarely ever choose podcasts that run over 1 hour (well, 63 minutes is ok…). I don’t have that much free time, and most times it means that the episodes are not well edited. I also decided that to give a fair assessment (apart from obvious mistakes like the show is really not for me and I DNF), I would listen to 2 episodes. One episode is not enough, sometimes there’s a random bad one in a stellar season, or on the contrary a random pearl in an otherwise so-so show.

With this in mind, I tried Founder’s Journal and it was ok. It’s not the kind of podcasts I listen to, it’s definitely a male voice with a rather go-getter approach, but there was definitely something to learn from his “how to get your shit together” episode. I’m not so sure about his approach to relationships though, I feel that most people I know would not respond to him, either because too introverted / European / soft-spoken… I’m going to continue checking on his back-catalogue, but otherwise I’ll move on. There are so many other great shows out there!

Speaking of which, I’ve seen great recs in Vulture and I can’t wait to start new shows… very far from the usual productivity theme!

2 thoughts on “Pod Review August 21-27

  1. I don’t think the equivalent expression exists in the US, because people rarely take more then one week at a time off at a time! I wish we had a tradition of having more days off. It’s lame.

    Lately I’ve been listening to Lazy Genius podcast – she just makes things seem so do-able and I love feeling like there are strategies for taming one’s life. Also just started to explore a podcast called Everything Happens with Kate Bowler. I’ll let you know how I get along with it.

    • I love the Lazy Genius! She has loads of good ideas, I also follow her FB group, it’s a positive group with lots of practical creativity. I have to check Everything happens, I’ve never heard of it.

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