Pod Review Aug. 28 – Sept. 3

And the summer holidays are officially… over ! School in France started yesterday, and work is getting busier by the minute (including work in the… office… well, we’re supposed to be back on site for 3 days a week now, starting Sept. 1, and this is hard!). I’ve found lots of new podcasts, which is good because on the book front I’m in a bit of a reading slump.

  • Sorta Awsome #334 What I wish I’d bought sooner! – I’m going to check out that earbuds/hairband thingy and report.
  • ICYMI: How #BamaRush took over Tiktok [new-to-me] I’d never heard of Rush or University of Alabama until 2 weeks ago. This episode was really interesting!
  • Maintenance Phase: The Body Mass Index [new-to-me] lots of information
  • Under the Influence: Episode 1 A more perfect mother [new-to-me]
  • The Mom Hour: Late Summer Check-in and managing seasonal transitions (from August 2018)
  • Under the Influence: Episode 2 Women’s Work
  • ICYMI: There’s no easy way to log off
  • Radiolab: The Queen of Dying: about Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the woman behind the famous stages of grief (it’s a lot more complicated)
  • Reading the End #152 with Whisky Jenny and Gin Jenny. New titles and the Three Musketeers! It’s been way too long since I listened to this podcast.

I tried no less than 3 new podcasts this week! “Under the influence” was recommended on Sorta Awesome, about the history and evolution of mom influencers. It is interesting, but the show itself is cut by so many long ad breaks that it really got on my nerves (I skip, but how tedious). I still want to continue this series.

The best show I tried is ICYMI. It reminds me a little of Reply all (for the internet analysis) but on broader subjects, less geeky and masculine. I enjoyed the episode on #bamarushtok, and the second one I tried was good too, although I had no idea who the YouTube celebrities they talked about were. Which makes a nice correlation with the episodes on Under the Influence that explained how the fall of magazines and reorientation of advertising budgets created a whole new pool of minor celebrities, managed by agents, who suddenly could make money out of the internet.

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