Pod Review September 11-17

With slanted light and crisp leaves we are starting to enter fall territory here… and I am not ready for it! I normally enjoy fall for the fresh start / clean slate feeling it provides. I engage in new resolutions and try to get back on track for those habits I’ve left during summer or earlier. For example, I want to stop adding sugar to my coffee and I want to deep-clean or declutter at least 1 thing every weekend. All this remains quite low-key and not too ambitious. On the podcast front, I don’t want to change a single thing. I’m quite happy with my yearly endeavor to try new shows and I intend to continue!

  • Reply All #178 I am not a bot: Alex Goldman wants to understand why bots are invading his favorite game and basically destroying it. The short answer is: because they can. (Alright, I’m spoiling it for you guys, but the longer answer is interesting to listen to)
  • Happier with Gretchen Rubin #342: Here’s a hack to try: explain your problem to a rubber duckie and it will probably be helpful. I haven’t tried it but it’s really weird.
  • Sorta Awesome #339 The awesome apps we can’t live without. Lots of good ideas here, but it won’t help me stay away from my phone.
  • Science Vs.: The Delta Variant, how bad is it? Science facts are always better than “alternative facts”. Not everything in the show was scary, let’s put it that way.
  • 💙 99% Invisible #453 The book of tasty and healthy food. About a very popular cookbook in the UssR
  • This American Life #745 Getting out. Escape out of Afghanistan, out of a relationship, out of a room blocked by a mad woman…
  • Everything Happens with Kate Bowler: Living alongside fear with Ken Carter [new to me]
  • The First Draft Club: Can i write a whole novel draft on my phone? Well, there’s not one single recipe for success. I enjoyed the list of very weird writing habits that she presents.
  • NPR Short Wave: You mite want to shower after this. Eww… This episode has just the right balance between science, gross factor and randomness to fascinate my kids.
  • Under the influence with Jo Piazza: Ep. 6 The sharenthood / An Intermission / Ep. 7 Burning Cats. Deep dive into the mom influencers’ world, and how not everything is pink and nice there. Kids are getting damaged in the process, and lots more. Jo Piazza refers to some law in France that would stop parents from sharing pictures of their kids on social media. I don’t know where this rumor comes from, but this is not real. Check your facts!

The podcast Everything happens with Kate Bowler was highly recommended by Laila from Big Reading Life and it didn’t disappoint! This one episode about fearless people resonated with a Short Wave episode i’d listen to last week: Why a good scare is sometimes the right call, but the host and the guest seemed to have such a nice chemistry! I’ll definitely try other episodes.

My favorite episode this week is 99% invisible on the most famous Soviet cookbook: The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food. The history of food during the Soviet era, how Communists really weren’t foodies, how they wanted to abolish kitchen and how that room was a place of distrust in communal apartments, how new foods came to the Soviet diet as a result of the fascination for the American industrial food, how people needed to be educated about how to eat oranges and cook new things, how dishes that were clearly imported from overseas were modified and absorbed into the Russian culture… and how food was all the time scarce and hard to come by… Everything in this episode was really fascinating to me. I encourage you to listen, and also check out the images on the website, it’s priceless!

2 thoughts on “Pod Review September 11-17

  1. Ooh, that 99% Invisible podcast sounds interesting. I’m so glad you enjoyed Kate Bowler. I’ve been listening to her a lot this week. I’m starting from the beginning and going forward – the Wes Moore and Alan Alda episodes were nice.

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