Pod Review September 18-24

Nine months into my quests for new podcast shows, I’m starting to get serious mommy brain syndrome! To my shame, I “discovered” a show this week which I enjoyed a lot: The Happiness Lab, only to see that I’d actually already discovered it back in June… and also quite enjoyed it. Ahem… I was sure to have seen that little yellow smiley logo somewhere before… 🙄 But at least I’m consistent with myself, and this show is a keeper 😋. Perhaps I should get myself a few vitamins or supplements while I’m at it? Sorta Awesome show was gushing about them, and I’m usually reaching Halloween pretty exhausted.

  • Under the influence with Jo Piazza Ep. 8 It’s time for a reckoning / Ep. 9 is this the end? / Bonus: in the Michael’s parking lot. Sigh… I felt that the few last episodes were a bit of a let-down after the very intense beginning. And the Michaels’ parking lot episode made me roll my eyes. Yes, some women are just ready for anything to be noticed, but devoting a whole episode to them will only highlight the problem.
  • Invisibilia: A Friendly Ghost story. Interesting story about ghosting, but far too long… I may end up ghosting this show… but I saw loved the previous hosts that I’m feeling all guilty about it…
  • The Happiness Lab: Dump your inner drill sergeant; about making resolutions in kindness
  • Sharon Says So Ep. 24 Changing ideologies with Jen Hatmaker; I liked the tone of the conversation, but I felt that Jen Hatmaker remained so high level about what she went through that I had some difficulty to connect.
  • Everything Happens with Kate Bowler: Cecily Strong, Embracing the Yes/And. About the coexistence of big emotions in time of loss, or love, and we don’t need to choose one only.
  • Surviving Sarah with Sarah Bragg [new-to-me] #274 Will Hutcherson, Helping kids and teens feel seen when they feel despair. I’d feared that the conversation would be preachy and religious, but instead it was surprisingly hands-on and good.
  • This American Life #746 This is just some songs
  • Next right thing #193 A soul minimalist’s guide to autumn. Even though I’m not a Christian, Emily P. Freeman is so soothing and caring that she does good to listeners of any faith.
  • Movie Therapy I’ve accomplished nothing on my to-do list [new-to-me]
  • Movie Therapy I’m hurting over my fair-weather friends
  • 💙 The Happiness Lab Dial D for Distracted
  • Sorta Awesome #336 Go through our empties with us

I tried (for real) 2 new shows this week. I haven’t yet reached the 2 episodes’ mark with Surviving Sarah, but on the other hand, I was instantly fascinated by Movie Therapy, with hosts Rafer and Kristen. These two have a real chemistry and I love their thoughtful cinematic advice!

My favorite episode this week was Dial D for Distracted from the Happiness Lab. I learnt really amazing science facts! Have you heard of inattentional blindness? Apparently, some people who are focusing on counting some sports action are missing that a gorilla is actually walking in the middle of the game. Do you think you’d never miss something so big? 30% of people do, and it goes up to 70% when these people are talking on the phone at the same time. The podcast’s show notes are awesome, check the weird gorilla video out!

As we’re officially in fall now, I’m in the mood for some spooky mysteries and investigations. I read somewhere from Laura Tremaine (who loves true crime) that CaseFile was a good show, but when I saw that most episodes were well over the 1 hour mark, I didn’t want to invest my precious time. Anyone tried it yet? Am I missing out and should I bend my own rules? Any other true crime shows that would be shorter but equally engrossing?

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