Pod Review September 25-October 1

So I’m ten months into this experiment, and I can say now (but only now) that I’ve reached a somewhat satisfying system. Or almost. I have now one place where I put the names of podcasts that are thrown here or there and that I wish to investigate. These go into my phone (the notepad app), because notes jotted down on paper in my agenda are often forgotten forever. In my phone I also write down where the suggestion is coming from (because I’m like that). And then I take a moment at the start of my weekend to go through these recommendations and downloads those who seem relevant and don’t run for more than 1 hour for each episode. I download 2 or 3 episodes and I cross it off my phone list. Boom! And then comes the limbo of waiting for the mood to strike and to listen to those episodes… But that’s another story.

  • 10 Things to tell you by Laura Tremaine #134 10 Tips for wardrobe confidence with Alison Lumbatis
  • Radiolab In the Running
  • Science Vs (Gimlet) Childbirth, are doctors messing it up?
  • Dressed: 18th century fashion and etiquette at Versailles [new-to-me]
  • The Mom Hour #331 Envisioning your week of ideal meals
  • Under the influence with Jo Piazza: I wiped my kids from my Instagram. A slightly disappointing end to the podcast season.
  • Surviving Sarah #270 Shelly Robinson, Learning to raise yourself
  • Dressed: Creepy, crawly contraptions from fashion history with Holly Frey
  • Sinica: The paradox of vast corruption and fast growth in China’s “Gilded age”
  • You Must Remember This with Karina Longworth #96 Veronica Lake. It had been a long time since I’d listened to Karina Longworth.
  • Radiolab: The Unsilencing, about autoimmune diseases among women
  • Science Diction: Knock on wood and Tsunami [new-to-me]
  • The Mom Hour #332 House Rules for kid hygiene
  • Science Diction: The rise of the Myers-Briggs, chapter 1: Katharine
  • Science Diction: The rise of the Myers-Briggs, chapter 2: Isabel
  • The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman #191 What we’re learning

This week I tried Dressed, a podcast on fashion history, which was both fun and informative. I don’t think it really shows in this blog, but I’m something of a fashion history nerd (I’m not wearing period costumes though). The show is quite promising, I will investigate their back catalogue with pleasure.

I also tried Science Diction, which was advertised on Radiolab, but I haven’t got the right understanding of it yet. As an ethymology podcast (the know on wood episode), it didn’t really hold my interest. But their 3-part series on Myers-Briggs is fascinating. I had no clue that neither Myers nor Briggs were scientists, and that the test was as disputed as it is popular and widespread.

Lastly, I made another attempt at the show Surviving Sarah, but it left me a bit “meh”, and I don’t think I’ll add it to my regular rota.

The most informative episode of the week: Sinica podcast on corruption in China. The scholar Yuen Yuen Ang makes an argument for 4 different types of corruption that don’t impact an economy and society in the same way. Also, this analysis shows how corruption does exist in Western countries as well, but in other forms.

The most practical episode of the week: 10 Things to tell you, Wardrobe tips. Very timely for me. The idea that I should put aside clothes that no longer work for me but remain dear to my heart is genius. I used to agonize over those to donate them or wear them, both options I am not ready to do.

The most inspirational episode of the week: The Next Right Thing. Recording what we learn is precious. I’ve done it several years ago and I should probably do it again.

What podcast is making your days more awesome?

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