Pod Review October 2-8

This week I started an audiobook of short stories, which limited my free time for podcasts. I did listen to a good number of shows, but I still craved a change of pace in my earbuds. After checking on my old favorites’ feed, I discovered that my beloved Heavyweight (with Jonathan Goldstein) is returning with a new season and released a number of short episodes, which I binged on during last weekend. I would have done the happy dance, but for the news that as a Gimlet show, they will become Spotify-exclusive. I’m on the fence about this move, even though I do have a Spotify account… I will probably do the jump but reluctantly. Have you installed Spotify on your phone for podcasts or are you still sticking with another app?

  • The Mom Hour Small Steps toward Sustainability in the Kitchen: guilt-free recommendations with various levels of difficulty. What we can do is very dependent on where we live and what is the cultural norm around us, but things are moving in the right direction in many places.
  • Invisibilia: Nun of us are friends. About peculiar rules of friendship among convent nuns. I finally give up on this season of Invisibilia, it’s really not for me.
  • This American Life #748 The end of the world as we know it. About a father who takes climate change activism way too seriously and turns abusive: rather disturbing, and with more nuances that I’d expected.
  • Sorta Awesome #346 Q&A with an awesome teen
  • Sorta Awesome #343 Gift Guide: awesome photo gifts and more
  • A Heavyweight short: Hallie
  • Decoder Ring: The Soap Opera machine – as recommended by Sorta awesome host Meg Tietz, an interesting piece of pop culture analysis in the context of the 1990s (even for people like me who haven’t watched soap operas and haven’t heard of One life to live).
  • A Heavyweight short: a Canadian tale. How far can we go to ascertain a memory from 20 or 30 years ago?
  • Heavyweight: Brandon. Why the awkward nerd was chosen by the class queen for prom night? It was so sweet and hopeful.
  • Dressed: Fashion history now #32 Dressed in Paris. Weirdly enough, I enjoy listening to what some very knowledgeable strangers do when they’re coming to my neck of woods. Hint: I have learnt some things!
  • Doing it right with Pandora Sykes: Why do we hate change, with Julia Samuel
  • 10 Things to tell you with Laura Tremaine: #136 3 changes I’m making to find balance
  • Doing it right with Pandora Sykes: Introverts and extroverts with Arthur Brooks

This week, a new podcast I tried was “Doing it right with Pandora Sykes“, and I managed to fit 2 episodes almost back to back. I heard about it through the “Girls’ Night In” newsletter, and I had no clue who Pandora Sykes was before (I’m no clearer now actually, and I’m glad I didn’t look at her website and picture before trying the podcast, because I might have passed as “not for me”). The first episode I tried didn’t really interest me. But the second one, with Arthur Brooks, is full of valuable information, so much so that I wish I’d taken notes! Not only does he clarify that people are unique combination of extroverts and introverts. He spoke about the value of faking it (to a certain extent) and how introverts fared better during the pandemic but that it’s totally independent of boundaries and propensity to burn-out. This episode was so rich!

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