Pod Review November 13-19

This week I was over-busy at work, but I still had some 4 hours by train to listen to as many podcasts as possible! Almost all of them were quite informative and lots of fun. Maintenance Phase is especially good, as is The Argument (by the New York Times), which helped me shake some of the gloom associated with the climate crisis. (Yes, I refuse to say “climate change” because using the right words is one of my tiny actions to raise the awareness of people around me – I want to continue educate myself through podcasts).

  • Radiolab Mixtape: Jack and Bing, about recording technologies and the ambiguities of editing: how much is an edited piece still true?
  • The Lazy Genius: #235 When you disagree on what matters: with loved ones
  • Sorta Awesome #356 Best meals for busy days!
  • RelationShit with Kamie Crawford: [new-to-me] Talking to your family about race with Dom Roberts. Some pretty deep things about racism and prejudices and family relationships and activism fatigue.
  • ICYMI The life hacks they don’t want you to know about. The hacks that are true, the ones that are false, or in-between, or just virally hilarious
  • Bad Women, Ripper retold: Episode 3 Polly walks out. Now we’re talking social history, and that was good!
  • Edit Your Life #247 The calming power of now. Which was inspiring, but I wasn’t really able to practice it this week
  • RelationShit with Kamie Crawford: Ultimatums with Nick Viall.
  • Slow Burn Season 6: Episode 1 The Tape [new season]
  • Slow Burn Season 6: Episode 2 No Justice
  • Edit Your Life: #249 Financial Literacy for Kids
  • 💙 NYT The Argument: Got Climate Doom? Here’s what you can do to actually make a difference. It answered my questions like: should I really deprive my kids of cheese to save the planet? It helped put the guilt and blame where it belongs and not fully on our small shoulders, and named a few ways to help when one can’t just join demonstrations.
  • Maintenance Phase: School lunches, P-hacking and the original “Pizzagate” – hilarious and informative debunking about pseudo-nutritional science. Lots of things that I’d heard and believed true… Smaller plates can’t make you thin, and life hacking is dangerous to believe.
  • Good Inside with Dr. Becky: What can i do when my child says “I can’t do it”. [new-to-me] Totally geared towards small kids, not for me.

I tried 2 new shows this week, but even if they were interesting, I probably wasn’t their target audience. Dr. Becky had a long interview in the New York Times, where I picked up the name of her podcast. And Relationshit was a recommendation of Girls Night’s In. I also started the new season of Slow Burn, centered on the 1992 LA riots. I vaguely remember the events taking place, but I had so many false memories or misunderstandings. The show made events and context click together. Did you learn anything surprising this week?

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