Pod Review November 20-26

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers! I hope you had a lot of yummy food and you were in good company, and I’m totally jealous! Over here the mood is definitely more jittery, as a strong new wave of Covid is hitting the European continent, and I don’t know yet how it will affect our lives in winter. The government is pushing for the booster shot, businesses are told to remain open as normal but already we see some events getting canceled (I wouldn’t want to go anyway). So the lesson of the day is for sure to be grateful for what we have while we have it… And please keep a slice of pecan pie for me!

  • Lazy Genius #236 – 10 Things saving my life right now
  • A Matter of Degrees: (S2E5) A farming solution for a hotter, less stable world [new-to-me] a positive podcast about climate change, for a change
  • Good Inside with Dr Becky: How to talk about death with your kids. I wanted to confirm last week’s impression, and it is the same: I have kids too old for Dr. Becky
  • This American Life #753 What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate
  • Sorta Awesome #357 Awesome Holiday Gift Guide 2021. Now, this one is inspiring as in… take your notebook and have your credit card ready… Some of my own gifts may or may not have been mentioned in this episode.
  • 💙 A Slight change of plans with Maya Shankar: The science of quitting. I wish I’d taken notes from this episode, it was so, so good.
  • The Argument (NYT podcast): I love true crime, should I feel guilty? Mmh… I’m not.
  • A Matter of Degrees (S2 E8) The Win-win-win strategy to retire coal. I learnt so much in this episode (a cross-over between this show and How to save a planet, which I love too). The subject is about as un-sexy as you get, but they managed to make it clear and fun.
  • Sorta Awesome #359 Our spiciest confessions yet! Who doesn’t love a confessions show when it makes you snort and laugh out loud?
  • The Mom Hour: Cooking inspiration, where we get our best ideas, and how to re-inspire your menus. I never had a recipe box with cards in the 1990s, I had binders with magazine clippings; the box seems to be an old American tradition replaced by Google, Pinterest and others… I still have my binders but I don’t open them anymore…

I tried one new show this week and it was a good surprise! A Matter of Degrees is a show about climate change but not a depressing one, which is something of an exception among gloomy news! I will certainly devour their back list of episodes.

The episode on quitting at A Slight change of plans with Maya Shankar made me think about how much positive value our Western culture puts on grit and perseverance, instead of quitting, which is a lot of times wiser and better in the long run. Maya Shankar’s guest Amy Duke, who spent some years earning money as a professional poker player, has a lot to teach us on when to fold.

Hannukah and Advent are both just around the corner, and there’s a good chance of snow this weekend (exceptional for November here). I wish you all a very nice weekend, enjoy your time off and keep warm and safe!

2 thoughts on “Pod Review November 20-26

  1. Thank you for the kind wishes. I made a cheesecake instead of pie – I’m just not a fan of Pumpkin or Pecan pie for some reason! The cheesecake turned out divine. The news of the new variant is very worrisome. I hope it’s not as bad as it might be. Stay safe and warm! Snow, how exciting!

    • Cheesecake sounds great too! For some reasons I don’t associate it with cold weather is all. Snow didn’t stay on ground. We’ll have more in January or February but I’m in no hurry as Paris suburbs (and inner city) don’t have much of the necessary equipment.

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