Pod Review November 27 – December 3

Beware, you may well be reading Pod review – the grumpy edition. (Aren’t all French people supposed to be grumpy anyway?) Cold-sleety-rain-low-skies kind of grumpy. No-booster-shots-available kind of grumpy. Certainly OMicron-grumpy with a dash of Covid-fatigue and cancelled plans. It’s hard to be merry and deck the halls with all the bad news everywhere. Even some podcasts have made me grumpy, can you believe it?

  • Heavyweight (on Spotify) #40 Barbara Shutt
  • Heavyweight (on Spotify) #41 Barbara Wilson
  • Crime Show (on Spotify) 21 Witnesses: about a school shooting in 1978 in Austin, Texas
  • Crime Show (on Spotify) An Unlikely Suspect. About secondary transfer DNA
  • Nice Try: The Vacuum [new-to-me]
  • Nice Try: The Bidet
  • The Mom Hour: #340 House rules for playdates
  • Bad Women, the Ripper Retold: Ep. 4 Polly the Prostitute.
  • Science Vs.: Jurassic Park: Hold on to your butts
  • Throughline: Fighting Fires and Family Secrets
  • Sentimental Garbage: Eat Pray Love with Abigail Bergstrom [new-to-me]
  • This American Life #752 An invitation to tea: a former Guantanamo prisoner talks to the one who kept him there.
  • Sentimental Garbage: The Devil wears Prada with Lindsey Kelk
  • 💙 10 things to tell you with Laura Tremaine #145 Time Anxiety

Switching between Spotify and Pocket Casts for my podcasts proves to be cumbersome and annoying. Spotify podcast features are not as good as Pocket Casts. Besides, I’m paying for Spotify Premium on our family iPad but I haven’t managed to transfer this account on my phone (is it even possible?), so I still get their ads. I’m really disgruntled that Gimlet made this deal with Spotify, giving us listeners no choice but to listen to their quality shows on a poorly designed podcast app. Can you see how torn I am? The Heavyweight episodes were so great…

Annoying habits have also come back in “Bad Women, the Ripper retold”. The podcast host keeps complaining in the show against self-proclaimed Ripperologists who criticize her for taking a feminist angle and proving through research that Jack the Ripper’s victims were not prostitutes. As a listener, I’m here for the historical research, not for the finger-pointing. I do not care what old white men say against female researchers, ’cause I bet they don’t like being challenged. It’s such a shame about an otherwise interesting show, but I’m considering moving on.

When I wasn’t being grumpy, I tried 2 new shows which were both quite interesting. Nice Try was recommended by the Gloria newsletter and focuses on home appliances that have changed the daily life of people. The episode on bidets is great (there’s a moment of Freudian analysis of American culture which is priceless), as is the one on vacuum cleaners, which were designed to be *not* as efficient as they could be. Interesting social perspectives on gendered unpaid work etc. etc.

My second new podcast of the week is Sentimental Garbage, which returns to iconic “chicklit” or “women fiction” bestsellers (movies or books). I enjoyed both episodes I tried, but they run on the long side for me. It seems to have done a whole season on Sex on the City, I’m not quite ready to invest that much time in a rehashing of a TV show I’ve already spent countless hours when I was younger. But if a short version exists, I’d love to dip my toe.

Now that I’m writing about investing time, and short versions, the best episode I listened to this week was about Time anxiety by Laura Tremaine. In one way or another, I feel seen when she mentions “I don’t have enough time”, “Time is passing me by” and “I’m wasting too much time”. She reframes these three stressing thoughts, and the episode is indeed timely for me (pun fully intended).

Happy weekend everyone! I’m ready to let go of all my grumpiness!

2 thoughts on “Pod Review November 27 – December 3

  1. Seems like you have justification for your grumpiness! I hope it lifts for you soon, though. I listened to an excellent episode of We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle interviewing Brene Brown and it’s just great. I’ve been listening to podcasts while I wait for my next Harry Potter audiobook from the library. I listen on Apple podcasts so I am not familiar with Spotify podcasts, sorry. I just listen to music through them.

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