Pod Review May 7-13

This week went by in a flash. Strawberry season is in full swing. It’s not quite the end of the school-year over here but the agendas start to fill up with summer-y plans and invites. All the more as it’s unseasonably dry and warm, as if we were in July already! On one hand, it’s great to wear dresses and T-shirts again, on the other hand, climate change is weighing on my mind. I know that there are podcasts on this topic out there, but so far, I haven’t found one that didn’t raise my anxiety level, and so I’m very much avoiding this topic for now. If you have any non-depressing recommendation, don’t hesitate!

Do you know the story of the geek who becomes a bitcoin-millionaire against his will? Head to This American Life #769 The Reluctant Explorer. Is it a scam or not? Your answer might vary between the beginning and the end of the show.

How do you call the last living member of a species? Head to Radiolab: “Hello, my name is” (last part of the show). There’s a rather moving reflection on what heritage might look like when you don’t have kids but don’t feel you’re “the last”.

Should you keep a grudge or not? What Fresh Hell podcast (episode Let it Go or No?) has a hilarious take on this recurring question. The definite sentence I learnt from this (deeper than you’d expect) show is “You can’t get pizza from a Chinese restaurant”. The hosts definitely should make a T-shirt with that one.

Why on earth did the US expect volunteers to compile Covid tracking statistics? This story from 99% Invisible (489. Pandemic tracking and the future of data) had me shaking my head in disgust and disbelief. Sorry, I don’t mean to gloat, but I’m glad my national healthcare system has been built on more solid grounds (not to say that everything’s perfect, by far).

Do you want to learn the real story of turning dog shit into gold? This happened in Taiwan, friends, and it really worked. I learnt this interesting factoid (that will make my kids lol) by No Stupid Questions: Which is more powerful, reward or punishment. I also learnt there that the US had the highest prison population rate of the world, but that’s not lol matter at all.

New podcasts: I have only tried 1,5 episodes of “Truthers: Tiffany Dover is Dead”, and I will reserve my opinion for next week. (Hint: I like it!)

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