Pod Review May 14-20

I got plenty of podcast time this week, due to commuting time, walking-as-sport time and also, wait for it, a ride to Paris to attend a concert I had tickets for since 2020… I know it doesn’t mean anything for the future but these tickets (several times postponed, reissued and almost cancelled) had almost become the symbol of the end of the pandemic. I rarely go to concerts anyway, but being in the crowd (with a mask, still, for me and a few others) with such a joyful energy all together brought me some closure: Post-Modern Jukebox touring Europe, the feeling was incredible!

I finished the mini-series The Ballad of Billy Balls. It started like a mystery and true crime, then it turned out to be something quite different, about a daughter with a heavy history of trauma, desperate to save her mother in spite of herself, and about finding closure for a tragic event even if other people don’t want to make peace with it. The last few episodes are gut-wrenching.

I started the mini-series Tiffany Dover is Dead, and I’m interested, but not fully convinced. Tiffany Dover is a nurse that conspiracists are convinced died because of the Covid vaccine. In fact, it’s very clear that she’s alive and well. The journalist wants to prove the conspiracists wrong, but they’re kind of hard to convince. Duh. It’s a weird endeavor, almost guaranteed to fail (also, what would be the measure of success? one conspiracist changing his mind, or two, or ten, or hundred?). It also makes me a bit uncomfortable because the journalist, in her quest for proofs, is almost stalking Tiffany Dover, just as bad as conspiracists themselves. The series is short so I’ll probably continue, but with a pinch of salt.

I also started the mini-series Twin Flames, about a relationship guru and all the bad advice he gave to people, who sadly followed it despite all good sense. Like all sect and guru stories, you can’t help but wonder how the people fell for the manipulation, scam, brainwash and the rest. It’s easy to feel superior and think “I would never”, but the first episode in particular is quite good at explaining how normal one victim was and how every time she almost stopped, the guru convinced her to continue…

Some feel-good episodes to boost your mood (should you need it, just in case… We’re not talking about the state of the world right now):

  • Will we ever get back to normal from What Fresh Hell podcast.
  • Sorta Awesome: The things that are making us happy (#390)

I learnt a lot by listening to No Stupid Questions: Are women really less happy than men? One nugget of information that I will leave you to ponder is that unhappiness is not the opposite of happiness. In fact, scientists have calculated only a correlation factor of only -0.3! I also learnt about the “female happiness paradox”: It’s the notion that women are happier than men in happiness equations, but also more unhappy than men in unhappiness equations. I don’t know about you, but this blew my mind.

Happy weekend to you all, regardless of your gender!

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