Michael Connelly, Fair Warning (2020)

I have a hidden TBR list, not in Goodreads, not in my computer, not in my notebook or bullet journal. It’s actually in my phone, a folder in my camera app where are all the pictures of books taken at the library. I’m that crazy woman who sees a brand new book on a shelf… holds it with adoring eyes… take a picture of it… and bravely puts it down back on the shelf. This is the trick I devised to avoid bringing too many books back home… And this one is a book I’d photographed back in October 2021 (picture time stamp) and eventually borrowed to read in June 2022.

Fair Warning is not a Harry Bosch book, nor is it a Mickey Haller book, or even a Renee Ballard book. I took it without really paying attention but in fact, who is this James McEvoy? (Not to be confused with James McAvoy of Hollywood fame, although the other one lives in LA too). James McEvoy is a journalist (who apparently appeared in 2 previous books I haven’t read, this book can be read as a standalone but I think it might be better to know the background). This time, he had a drink with a woman, and soon after, after she is found murdered, he has no choice but to get involved in the investigation, because he is a suspect! McEvoy gets rather lucky with his discoveries, and he opens a full Pandora box.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but I was really floored by the topics that Connelly addressed in this book. It interested me not only for the plot itself, full of great twists and turns, but for our daily life. (If I say anything more, I’ll ruin the surprise) Added bonus: McEvoy is supposed to work in a non-profit consumer protection news agency, Fair Warning, which exists in real life!

I’m really glad to have discovered this new main character, and I’d love to backtrack and read the previous two books!

One thought on “Michael Connelly, Fair Warning (2020)

  1. I am sad to say I don’t remember much about this one although I did read it. It’s like it completely left my brain, ha ha! It’s fun that you take pictures of some of the books you’re interested in rather than add to a list somewhere. Seems like many bloggers have a “secret” or alternate way of keeping a TBR somewhere.

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