Pod Review August 20-26

I am back home, but as the kids are still away with the family, I still had plenty of quiet time by myself… with podcasts! As the school season is quickly approaching (over here, kids start on Sept. 1), I am trying to plan the rest of the year and reflect on how to keep my calm and safeguard my energy for as long as possible. September is for me like the New Year all over again, with a chance to reset goals and make better decisions until the year end (and stationery ❤ !). As in other areas of my life, I hope to make some adjustments about podcasts too.

Last week, I tried a podcast that was pushed to me by my podcast app: This is actually happening. I tried 2 episodes, and… It didn’t work for me. The respective situations of the narrators were tough, emotional (a person discovers a family secret about her origin, and another person’s father was delusional and abusive) but I felt like the story was engineered to push all my buttons. The lack of editing was also a problem. Not any tear-jerker is worth my limited free time.

In the self-help department, I really enjoyed the Lazy Genius podcast #273 How to Cross the Summer Finish Line (because that’s exactly where I’m at right now), and I plan to follow her advice.

I listened to a few different podcasts that highlighted political division (in the US, but it’s not much better elsewhere, sadly), in Pantsuit Politics (episode Why they did it with Tim Miller) and in Your Undivided Attention (episode How political language is engineered with Drew Westen and Frank Luntz). I really like when different podcasts address the same theme through different lenses.

I also learnt about the #Cleangirl trend through ICYMI (always quite fun and informative, but I feel old when I listen!) and about what Martha Stewart represents in pop culture and for women (in the 1990s and 2000s culture but even now) in You’re Wrong About. Maintenance Phase made me laugh about the dieting bestseller French Women don’t get fat (I would know if it was true).

Altogether, I found that I’ve been going a bit overboard with podcasts this summer. It’s time for me to limit the time I spend with my earbuds and be more selective. I tend to have this as background noise but I know my mind is elsewhere. The few new podcasts I tried recently were not quite a success, and even for podcasts I enjoy, I need not download every single episode just because. But I still plan to keep a weekly post to highlight the awesome things I’ve learnt through the podcast world. Have a great weekend everyone!

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