Pod Review August 27 – September 9

Every news of the world seem to have been put on hold with the passing of Queen Elizabeth… that even I need to mention it here, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with books and podcasts. I suppose it is in my mind because it signals the end of an era, or the signal that nothing is forever. Well, I didn’t mean to abruptly pass from weekly to bimonthly on my podcasts posts, although last time I expressed some… let’s say overwhelm. So much has been going on in my real life (with the return to school and other time-sucking personal worries) that I just didn’t post. But I’m definitely not going on a hiatus.

The fact is that I decided on the last minute to go cold turkey off Facebook and Instagram for the whole month of September, and the weaning off of social media on my phone is waaaay harder than what I’d expected, a tell-tale sign that I was waaaay more addicted than I admitted to myself. I’m 9 days into the experiment, and I still reach for my phone when I want some relaxation, but what do I find there? A language app, the WordPress app, my photos, my emails and Google. (Fine print: I still can reach for Facebook on my computer, but it’s not the same, and i don’t feel the pull).

Did I compensate with podcasts? Strangely enough, no. My mind is still distracted, and only the very best podcasts are able to capture the jumping squirrel of my attention span. Among those I’ll mention:

  • Sinica Podcast: Is China’s bubble finally about to pop? A conversation with Bloomberg chief economist Tom Orlik. Two very current topics were addressed: the real estate bubble and the zero Covid policy. Orlik had not only ideas on the diagnostic but also about strategies and solutions
  • No Stupid Questions #112 is it okay to hate highbrow culture? It was a light-bulb moment that explained to me some fundamental differences between the US and Europe.
  • Normal Gossip, the bonus episode called “Telephone Game“, it was simply a hoot!
  • Radiolab 9-Volt Nirvana: about a weird brain experiment, where you activate some parts of your brain with electricity (sounds icky!!) with totally mind-blowing effects.

Contrary to what I announced last week, I did try yet another podcast, Time Out with Eve Rodsky and Dr. Aditi Nerukar, because I’d already downloaded the episodes on my phone and I was still curious. I am interested in the topic of division of labor, but I didn’t like the confrontational tone of the podcast. Luckily I’m not in crisis mode where it comes to division of labor in my own home, and other women will probably benefit from the hard truths that are dispensed in this podcast, but I was not the right audience for it.

Eventually, I rejoiced in the traditional back-to-school episodes of my favorites podcasts, especially Sorta Awesome. One great tip has been stored in my mind: freeze cookie dough balls… 🍪🍪🍪

Now that does sound like a plan! I do need a good recipe. Anyone else for freshly baked cookies while listening to podcasts? Happy weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Pod Review August 27 – September 9

  1. Going off social media is so challenging, at first. When I took a month of Instagram back in January I found after about four or five days the pull was much weaker. But of course now I’m just as addicted as I was back then, ha ha! Good for you for doing something different. Glad you found a couple of podcasts to enjoy. I’ve been listening to my old standbys but also to an Anne Patchett essay collection on audio.

    • 12 days into it, the pull is weaker, but it’s every single occasion where I turned to social media that I need to learn how to navigate: 1st weekend, 1st time I wait in queue, 1st commute… I find it rather challenging but it’s also good for creativity!

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