Pod Review June 11-17

I’ve just taken a look at my last week’s pod review post and I had to laugh. Catch up on Normal Gossip and discover Heidiworld? It seems that I grossly over-estimated my podcasting free time (aren’t we all?). Yes, I have downloaded those episodes, but they sit quietly in the queue… I have only started 5 minutes of Normal Gossip’s new season out of guilt (just before starting this post…) Meanwhile, we had a crazy busy weekend and I have to deal with those estate matter which require focus… and no earbuds.

I am also slowly discovering that in podcasts, just like in books, I need to have a strong DNF policy. I am getting better about DNF-ing books, but there’s something about interrupting a person who talks, I don’t really do it… (Manners or shyness? 🙄) I always think that in the next 10 minutes, s/he will say something more interesting, and to be honest, it happened quite often.

One example of podcast episodes I finally managed to DNF: Midlife Matter, How to avoid a midlife crisis. I really wanted it to work for me (because I relate to midlife… not to midlife crisis, or at least I hope), but nope. Too Christian and privileged for me.

One example of podcast episodes I DNFed with some nagging guilt: Sorta Awesome #391 How to stop the body shame spiral, with Amanda Martinez Beck. The topic is great, but after 15 minutes I couldn’t keep the interest.

One example of episodes I didn’t DNF and didn’t regret it: Honestly with Bari Weiss. I only tried 1 episode so far: Your attention didn’t collapse, it was stolen, with Johann Hari. The first part of the podcast just repeated facts I knew about from the Center For Humane Technology, about the hidden cost of the constant interruptions and notifications. But then the guest moved on to what to do about it, without being a luddite, and it was very interesting. I need to confirm my first impression of this podcast and I’ll report back here.

This week I caught up with Rough Translation (NPR), with an April episode about the Good Russians. There are 100,000s of Russians who leave Russia and are not really welcome abroad. They lived in a Westernized bubble and ignored Putin, but then the bubble burst.

The oddest episode I listened to this week is about… poop and Neanderthal: Radiolab has an episode called Neanderthal’s Revenge, and it might well amaze you (and gross you out).

I managed to try another new podcast this week: Ask Lisa, with Dr. Lisa Damour, a child psychologist I’d discovered in an episode of What Fresh Hell podcast. She has her own podcast obviously, and I tried an episode about Kids’ anxiety. But shh… you’ll know more about it when I’ll reach the 2-episodes mark.

Well, the week didn’t go according to plan but it’s not too bad… Let’s not make any plans for next week’s podcasts except to have fun with what’s in my queue! What’s your own plan? Happy Friday everyone!

One thought on “Pod Review June 11-17

  1. That Radiolab episode sounds interesting! Lately I’ve been listening to The Slowdown (a poem every day), Lazy Genius, and We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon. Hope this week has brought some more time for podcasts for you.

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